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gta : sa sensitivity problems.

k heres a problem I always had on my computer with sensitivity on gta games. for example, gta:vc. I will turn the mouse sensitivity way down. when I turn left or right it is slow as it should be. when I move the mouse up or down it is way to fast. sucks when I am trying to shoot. same problem with gta : sa but a little different. when I am just looking around the sensitivity is fine when I put it on low. but when I press the button to aim, it speeds up the sensitivity and it is way to fast for me to aim. and there is no lock on option for the pc version? so what gives with the sensitivity problems? anything I can fix?
When you aim, the guns automatically zoom in about 2 times, which makes things appear to move faster as you pan around your screen. Basically, you can't fix it. Also, if it is unrealistically fast, make sure there is not a piece of hair in your optical mouse if you have one, thatll make the mouse move faster than it should.


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what kind of mouse do you have? and is it ONLY in GTA:SA ? I know my mouse driver panel supports changing the X and Y Sensitivities independently of each other, could be worth a shot.

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