GTA 3 Problems

Got GTA III and have III questions about it.
1) I Can not change my resolution from 640x480x16, is that usualy?
2) Is there a a god mode cheat? and what is it?
3) How do you save a game and access it later. I see all those slots but how do I save them. I put the car in the garage and went to the door but that does not come up as a saved game. If I die while playing, then it will restart me there, not the beguining. But after I close the game and reopen it, all the slots are empty and I only have the choice then of starting a new one. help.

I am new to GTA3 please forgive me for being stupid


To change your resolution, you have to click on the desired resolution, if you even move to another option without doing so, it'll revert to the default.

I'm not sure of an actual god mode cheat, though you'll be able to find a host of cheats at this site or search in their forums @

As for saving, after you go into the doorway at your home, click on an empty slot, this will allow you to save.


there are several trainers out for gta3. there is one imparticular that i have. it has infinite ammo, health, tank mode, change of weather options, change of pedestrian behavior, change time speed, etc.