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Great tool for extracting .vb (music) files from GTA3/Vice City

After months of searching, I just found a great tool for the .vb music files that are used by GTA3 and Vice City on the PS2. It's called MFaudio and can be downloaded here.
Use this tool to navigate to the .vb files on the disc (D:\AUDIO\MUSIC for GTA:VC where D:\ is your DVD drive) and set the following options:
Frequency: set to 16000 for talk radiostations and 32000 for music radiostations;
Interleave: 2000 bytes

Now click 'Play' to listen to the radiostation! You can also convert the files to WAV, but remember to have mucho drive space available. I recommend 1 GB just to be safe.

Ain't this amazing?


Apple lover, PC User
I'm trying to figure it out with Vice City for PS2 disc, but the audio is really fast. Can you tell us the exalt settings for all the options?



F.Y.I. : I am trying to get it to work on the emotion radio station


Apple lover, PC User
Never mind, got it to work. Used the settings that Glaanieboy said to use. Great find! Saved me from going out to buy the soundtrack :)

Lockstok: Just try it. I am gonna try it on some demos as I don't have much PS2 games.

lieb39: Glad you like it :D

I only wanted a tool like this to convert those talkstations to MP3's, now I can enjoy them :D

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