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Great "legit" use for that "key Generator and Recoverer"


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Note: The KGen referred to was discussed in another forum. I could not tell you how accurate it is because I have not used it for that purpose. Out of curiousity, more than anything, I started playing with it to see what all the fuss was about and I noticed several things...

This program basically runs some sort of checking and iteration to generate some numbers. I have found that whenever you run the program (say through 20+ cycles) your PROCESSOR IMMEDIATLY starts working at 100% and stays there for as long as the program runs. It really gives the puter/processor/memory a workout.

I have several machines and it is a very reliable benchmarking tool when used to compare the speed/memory differences between machines.

It is also VERY USEFUL in checking your systems ability to function after 'tweaking'-- especially in overclocking and memory tweaks.

And you get results fairly quickly. You will max out your processor temp within 3-5 minutes (Great for checking your cooling measures). In my case any instability in my system shows up withing 5 minutes--either with a lockup or error message.

I don't know if this is useful for any of you but I thought I would throw it out to you.
Its kind of interesting to see how your "pride and joy" holds up to a real workout.


I mentioned that in the original thread,,, It is a very nice little Benchmark utility,,, Also use it to heat up the CPU to test cooling changes... And if you go to install XP and the code doesn't work you know you better turn it down some...

Had it happen...

Dirk Diggler

Anyone like to tell me where the original thread is so that I can download the file, it sounds very interesting

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