Great Friggin Movie!!!!!!!


Old School XPeriencer

I know it got a few golden globes, maybe three or something.

What's weird is it's critically acclaimed like not many before, but you really dont hear alot about it.
I cant remember seeing one ad on t.v. for it either.

I'll be seeing it though.


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Originally posted by dealer
you must see chicago

this movie goes into my top three...unbelievable
its not bad... I'll give it its due...

but it sure as heck ain;t the second coming everyone proclaims it to be :)

but its a very entertaining movie... taye diggs was soooo smooth :) in a tiny role


Chicago is a really good movie. I'm still in love with The 2 Towers though. I've been reading Tolkien stuff for years

Perris Calderon

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it's a musical

I guess since I was an entertainer I put more value on this then those that were not entertainers.

still, I loved this movie

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