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I'm using XP-Home, and have just installed some new drivers from Leadtek, for my geforce card, XP compatible..

The problem I now have is with the refresh rates, all games have defaulted to 60Mhz refresh, and if I change the refresh setting manually from display properties, it doesnt remember and defaults back to 60Mhz :mad:

I've tried the nvreffix.exe program, but it doesnt recognise the Leadtek drivers as being valid.

How can I fix these problems?, I used to have 100Mhz refresh for my games (800x600), with the default drivers that XP loads up. They used the max refresh for any resolution i used, but the leadtek drivers dont :mad:

I would prefer to use the Leadtek drivers cos they are optimized for my card.

Any suggestions pls. My eyes are aching looking at 60Mhz!!!



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You would need to modify the inf file for your drivers to work with the nvidia refresh rate program...this is a pain and can mess up the drivers if you don't edit the .inf right...

But on another note you might consider benchmarking your programs with the leadtek drivers and with the regular nvidia betas and such...

I use to download the drivers that were "optimized" for my geforce 3 from visiontek, then I realized they really didn't make a damn but of a difference since almost all nvidia cards follow the reference design and their only difference are usually in default clock/memory speed which can be adjusted anyway.

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