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Hi. So I installed BF2 and ran across some major graphics card issues. I ran into a FarCry/BF Vietnam/HL2/Q3 issues. I run an ATI Mobility 9600 (128 mb card), 3.2 Hyperthreaded processor Pentium 4, and 1024 DDR Ram. I installed, restarted and tried to log in to play some BF2 (along with these other games) and here is what happens.

Log into game and I'm met with a burst of instant 1 FPS frame-rate droppage. The map doesn't show up, ground is pastel yellow, the people will be sillhouetted, the people wont show up at all... all with 1 FPS on my set up. I thought it might be a driver problem, so I tried to use a new Driver (Omega) and it only slightly improved the problem... but still not bearable.

So... anyway, I'm not sure where this problem lies because I've been running SWG and World of Warcraft FLAWLESSLY and at a much better FPS rate than 1. Is this a graphics lag problem? Does anybody else have the same problem? I usually get responses like "LOL RADEON 9600 NEWB" and those have really gotten old. It's like talking to the pc builders/manufacturer... who have helped me not at all.

If anybody has any suggestions or needs more information... please let me know. I'd like to eventually play this new demo :)
There are bugs with the BF2 demo. A buddy with a 9800 XT and a AMD 64 939 could not get it to run (video problems).

Uninstall the game, uninstall the video drivers.
Reinstall the Cat 5.6 drivers from ATI.
Reinstall the game.

A 9600 mobility is going to be pretty slow on BF2. Try setting to 800x600 and lower the detail level.


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can you run a benchmarking program like 3dmark at all.. HE says he is having problems in other games as well so it has to be hardware/drivers of some kind. im going to assume your running on a laptop since you said mobility 9600.
Agreed Venom.

Basically, it comes down to how tweaked your XP install is, and whether or not you are using the Omega drivers (people have reported humungeous performance increases on your mobility card)

use driver cleaner in safe mode and cab cleaner to truely destroy all resemblance of ATI's drivers - then install the latest omega incarnation of Catalyst. :)