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Graphic Card Recommendation


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Based on your experiences, I want to ask you guys what is the best manufacturer of nVidia-based video cards. Im planning to buy a 128MB DDR card, hope you help me with this one, thanks in advance,

BTW, what is aperture size for? what is its purpose? Say for example, whats the difference between a 128mb 128 bit card vs. 128mb 64 bit card?
I suggest you take a 6800 non-Ultra version, as that's pretty much the only card from the 6xxx series that has 128MB onboard memory. :p However, if you like to play games as well, then go for the 6800GT version, since that's based on the Ultra card, but $100+ cheaper. :)

As for Aperture Size, it's the amount of system RAM that's reserved for the video card, should the card run out of memory. With the cards getting larger onboard memory, there is no real need for Aperture Size anymore, although setting it to 64 - 128MB will suffice as long as you have enough system RAM. ;)


Missed that 64/128-bit question. :p The bigger the number of bits of the onboard memory, the more bandwidth it uses. In other words: more bits = faster and better working graphics card. :D


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I agree with skwowwy...if you must have a card with 128MB memory go for the Nvidia 6800...the higher end cards are now shipping with 256MB like the 6800GT and 6800Ultra and the ati x800 pro and x800XT and XT PE
the 6800 will come around 285-315 dollars us with the GT around 399 and ultra around 499...

I would say go nvidia because the technology used in these cards is very future proof and developers are barely touching it's potential...

some good venders are Chaintech, evga, BFG, and XFX...have used eVGA and XFX so I know from experience and BFG has th ebest warranty in the business...also if you buy a chaintech try and get a golden sample card...they are the best gpus from the nvidias and can overclock like crazy but they come with a higher price tag..
Personally, I want to buy Leadtek GeForce 6800 A400 Ultra. :D Leadtek is a very good brand. Anyway...

If you are able to, try to buy one of the following brands:
- AOpen
- Chaintech (Gold edition)
- eVGA
- Leadtek

Otherwise, go for Asus. Asus is fairly good, but certainly not the best. :p


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I Like my 9800XT 256mb personally, I like it even better now that ATI released there new catalyst control center. It has all these game play opions, so you can play games in grayscale, or inverse colors, I can't remember the rest but it's pretty cool. Plus isn't the 6800 a real power hog, it takes two molex cables going to it to power the thing if I remeber correctly.


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no the 6800 ultra is a power hog...the 6800 gt requires 1 and so does the 6800 they are not that power hungry at all...also both the 6800 and 6800 GT will run circles around your 9800XT...the 9800 XT is a great card but these are just better performers
The 6800 Ultra indeed requires two molex cables, but as long as you have at least 400W, you should be fine. I'm going to buy an OCZ PowerStream 520W. Should certainly work just fine for the Ultra card, otherwise I can purchase a second PSU, since CoolerMaster Stacker supports two PSU's. xD
If you do some hunting you can get a 128mb 6800gt - but it takes some searching.

I'd buy from xfx. gainward, chaintech, bfg, leadtek, aopen.

AGP appeture shuold be 32 or 64mb for best results
Based on the experiences of myself and 3 gaming buddies the best Nvidia card to buy is anything using an ATI chipset! We have had at least 10 cards from 5 manufacturers die on us and have given up on nvidia.

The nvidia GE2 and lower were fine and we hear that the 6800 family may be safe too but we no longer support nvidia.


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Leadtek's cooling solution is very quiet! If you are looking for a quiet solution Leadtek's maybe the way to go. I have had my Leadtek A400 Ultra for a few months and it's been all good!
Skwowwy... if you're thinking about getting the LeadTek A400 Ultra..... don't. get the A400 GT. you can OC the GT to Ultra speeds and save yourself $100, at the cost of it running roughly 2 degrees Celcius hotter at idle. and no need for 2 connectors. Or you could TRY crossflashing the GT to an Ultra.... i've heard people say they've done it, but i don't know if they've done anything else to the card to be able to do so. right now i have my A400GT running at 401/1100. debating whether or not i'd want to try to push it higher than that or not. anyone else have the A400GT and have a nice OC running on it that would care to share their speeds?

edit: heh... forgot to post about the main question asked. I'd have to say.... if at all possible, go with a 6800GT that has 256MB of GDDR3. you'll spend a bit more than you would on say a vanilla 6800, or one from the 6600 series, but you'll more than likely get a nicer bump up in performance.


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MUYA said:
Leadtek's cooling solution is very quiet! If you are looking for a quiet solution Leadtek's maybe the way to go. I have had my Leadtek A400 Ultra for a few months and it's been all good!

yup, i second this. but i have the A400GT which is the lil brother. but it is exactly the same in design in heat sink. bit heavy, but cool as ice. plus i can oc it easily, to an Ultra speed. easily....have i said easily? oh plus u save $100.

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Chaintech , Msi , Gigabyte

ASUS no thanks last 2 were not so great one was the 9600XT the other 6800GT 256 ( died first day )

Ok that said 6800 GT for sure mine is MSI ( perfect ) as was my Ti4200 ( MSI ) love that one too.

As for the AP size 128 card set it 128 .. there is really no diff no matter how you set it , look it up on the net no one has ever seen more then 2 - 4 fps no matter what card and settings used.

MSI always have a great package.

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