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GPU or Monitor freaking out


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Every once and a while my monitor goes a little screwy. The screen blurs and shakes. There is probably a term for it but I can't think of it right now. Anyway, is there an easy way to tell if something if failing? I don't have a back up video card (my current one is less than a year old too) and my monitor (CRT) is pretty much a pain in the @$$ to move. If it comes right down to it I can drag the monitor to work and see if it does it on an other system but I am really hoping for something easier.

Is there click and a hum when it happens? - it's doing a degauss. It does sound like a degauss from your description. I think some monitors do them automatically at startup. Never heard of one doing it periodically though.

Is there a snapping sound? Vertical power supply is arcing over. It may be near death or it may need to be dusted out (unpllug monitor, turn it on foe a few minutes, open case, canned air, well ventilated area). Does not sound like this from your description.

And check the usual cast of characters, loose video cable connections, blow off heatsink on vid card. Power quality could be doing it too. Do the lights dim orflicker whenit happens. The electirc grid gets shaky in the summer months depending on where you live.

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