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Got my ATI TV Wonder today, but need some help


To whom it may concern
I am running from a Dish Network Reciever. I want to be able to capture the programs off of it. I am using the RCA inputs (My current reciever doesn't have S-Video) and I can't get any picture on the PC. Do I use it just like it was a cable television? I really don't know, and the product manual sucks. It just shows you that audio goes here, video goes here, ect ... lame


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your receiver outputs via a cable I am assuming...

plug that cable into your AIW card and then tune...

it will select a channel...

if you are receiving directly off the air through the satellite dish you should only have 1 channel... once that channel is programmed simply use your DISH remote to flick through the channels...

this will be a bit problematic wrt scheduling of records and what not BUT you can still setup your record times and what not using multimedia center software...

I am naturally assuming your dish receiver outputs via a coaxial cable.. if not you will have to look for the break-out box and plug in your RCA input there and use that... its gonna be called the COMPOSITE input...

thats a pic of what your card should have come with... the breakout box is the purplish device in the middle and has s-video and rca inputs... the single black cable is your line-out for audio...

this is what the back of your card should look like... the large cable connector is shown... to the left of it is the connector for the break-out box and to the right is the line-out for audio...

make sure you tune for it if possible if using coaxial cable... the RCA should automatically be picked up... perhaps change the channel to 3 or 4 or something...
The card is a lot like a VCR. You will have two inputs to the card the names will vary. One of them is the coax connector (antenna) the other is the Svideo connector (aux, cable, etc).

Per what Sazar, said hook the RCA plugs from your Dish receiver to the adapter box and then plug the svideo into the ATI Card. If it's a white box AIW you may only have a cable with svideo on one end and 3 RCA plugs on the other. Hoperfully they didn't stiff you on the adapter cable. If they did it's radio shack time. The RCA plugs are sort of color coded. Red usually goes to red (one audio channel), yellow to yellow (video) and black/white (other audio channel) go together.

Use the AIW software to select the Svideo input (could be called Aux, cable etc) as your input source. Turn the dish receiver OFF and then have the software auto search for sources. This will find any local TV signals that are passed through the receiver. Now manually add channel 3 (in most areas) or possible channel 4.

Turn on the Dish receiver and select channel 3 (or 4) on the PC and you should see your Dish program.

If you want you can hook up an antenna to the coax input and, select that input (probably called antenna), do another search for signals, and the card will be set up to receive braodcast TV also. This will allow you to use the PC for one source (Dish or Antenna)) and your regular TV for the other.

Don't forget to set the input source to what you want to record/watch (Dish or TV).

PS You will probably need to run the Audio Out from the ATI card (small plug) to your Audio Card to be able to play the sound on your PC.


To whom it may concern
I got it working... I just had problems seeing all the buttons on the ATI Multimedia Center. I have a 15in monitor setup so I can look at the computer til I get a wireless NIC for VNC. Anyways I just had to select composite video.

I was thinking of purchasing Snapstream's Beyond TV3. I heard it is a lot better software the ATI's. Can anyone vouch for this?

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