Got an old CPU?


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Has anybody got either a slot1 or Socket 370 pentium II,III, or celeron CPU that they dont want.
It needs to be in the range of 450 to 700MHz, if heatsink can be included that would be great.
I dont mind paying a bit for it, and I will pay postage and packing as well if needed.
I have a PIII 550 (Katmai core; Slot1 SECC2) that I'm currently using on this box with the original stock Intel HSF.

How much would you consider paying for it (without shipping etc) if I were willing to sell it? :) (although I never really thought about it)
It's never been overclocked or anything, and it's in great shape.

I'll have to talk to my dad about this too.


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I dunno maybe £25 to £30, maybe £40

£25 = $39.53
£30 = $47.43
£40 = $63.24

I dont think I could go any higher than that though. I would prefer to keep it in the £25 to £30 range though


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I have a slotA athlon 700 :) in a dresser somewhere....

why do you need a slot one btw? I have a PII 300mhz slot 1


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got a Slot1 mobo in the box at the mo but it can only take up to 700MHz, have a socket370 Celeron 433MHz in there now on a SlotKet.

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