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"Sponsored Results" in their searches as well as the sites advertising in "Adsense" have some to do with it. Those are all ads paid for by the specific entity.


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Yeah if you've ever done a google search, or used gmail, or been to a website you must have noticed google ads. ;)


Google also charge like all major search engines people that want their sites higher ranked.


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Lee said:
Google also charge like all major search engines people that want their sites higher ranked.
Hmm, doesn't that go against their principle of not moderating things and their whole PageRank system? As far as I'm aware you can't pay to get your site ranked higher in google. If you could, people would be paying google rather than search engine optimisers, as you'd get a lot more concrete results.


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i don't think its techically ranked higher but they put your advert in a box at the top or a search result, if you pay more, quite a bi more in fact.


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Yeah, you pay a premium for a better advertising spot, but the way Lee said it it made it sound like you could pay for a better ranking.
Yeah you can pay to put your sit @ the top of the results, but it's not actually part of the search ranking. That is a major no-no for any search engine that wants to keep users.

Also Google recently (well not so much now I guess) went "public". I'm sure they made a boat-load off stocks. :)


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They make search engines for all types of markets, they also sell servers with their search engines built in, they customize them according to the business needs. They use Cobalt Blue servers to make them. Most of the money from online comes from The adds. The way they have the adds places is the reason why so many people like them, it's not in your face. The way the revenue comes in is threw a click a pay agreement. You ever see google adds ?? They get payed the same way you do with thiers ...

I love google, I wish I would have thought of the stuff they do. Although they are using a search engine that was created by overture.

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