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Google Calendar expected tomorrow?

Erick Schonfeld says that the rumor is that Google will unveil the long-ago rumored Google Calendar at Tuesday’s When 2.0 conference at Stanford. I’ll be eagerly awaiting it, but I’m not sure how many people will actually use it. How many people use group calendars?

More importantly, will Google Calendar use some company’s calendar format (not Googly), a brand-new incompatible format (Googly), offer converters from but not to other formats (very Googly, a year or two into the beta), or will Google do the smart and diplomatic thing? Will Google Calendar steal some of Microsoft’s thunder and support RSS SSE?

If it doesn’t, it will when everyone else starts supporting it. SSE is too useful to lose, even if it was Microsoft’s idea.

Lots of chatter going on about this on the web. Should be interesting, assuming it's true. :D
Johnny said:
Someone enliten me on this .. This is the first I heard this ...
Well, the specifics are obviously still unknown, but people are expecting an online calendaring service, that would allow sharing and possible synchronization with desktop apps like Outlook, iCal etc.


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Should be interesting, this was the main thing holding me back from swithing full-time, as I'd be lost without my calender :s


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I'll remain skeptical of its usefulness, taking into considering how some of its new stuff (Google Base, Google Reader) isn't really that great. But it is Google, I hope they can bring back their "golden touch".


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Yeah, good point. And after I posted I was thinking I wouldn't make the change tomorrow, but a good thing to check out. I'd also be curious as to the security of it all, and if it played nicely with desktop-based apps as Kunal mentioned.


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Well, that's pretty much a confirmation then ;) It's funny how people go all crazy whenever Google does anything.

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