Fixed good youtube application for v bulletin

Perris Calderon

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24 Jan 2002
so this site

Pontiac Solstice Forum

has the app, you just paste in the youtube url and bing, youtube is inbedded without adding any other tags

something to get for this site

if you want to see it work, join and preview a post pasting in a youtube url, that should do the trick
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Self-reminder to get on with this! Would have waited two months for the annual reminders, but frankly I am not that much of a slacker.
And it only took a years lol .. :p
So it is going to take you more than a year :p
Can you get me a post with a youtube vid in perris and i will make this happen :)
[ame=""]YouTube - Sammy Hagar - I Can't Drive 55[/ame]

Doesn't work. (edit: ep test --- does
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Ok AME installed and it is now going back over old posts.
It also does a hell of a lot more than just Youtube.
All you do is copy and paste the link from youtube into your post and it will automatically show it as above.

[ame=]YouTube - Van Halen - Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do) HQ[/ame]
EP said it does more though...

[ame=]YouTube - Morph - Card Trick[/ame]


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So it will do more sites than just Youtube? That is awesome!

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