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Good steering wheel needed for race car games - advice please!


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I used to love race car games but got out off when I bought an expensive wheel that turned out to be rubbish!!

What's your favourite wheel and why?

I'd prefer not to have to use pedals for brakes + accel. I want to do it all from the wheel. This is mainly coz the ones I've seen in action look/are really uncomfortable to use and slide about etc.

Over to you my friends.



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Can't say I've used many wheels, I've only ever invested in one for my PS1 (Must try it with the PS2 at some point actually :) )
But from what i can tell most PC wheels seem nice and sturdy compared to there console counter-parts.
Gotta agree with the pedals tho, they always move about as you try to use them, unless you have them fixed down in some way.

btw Which did you buy that was rubbish? (so others won't make the same mistake .... )
Logitech. I had one of their steering wheels for the PS2, when I had it :) and I loved it. Forcefeedback was awsome; and you could do some serious percision driving with that thing.

I think if you go with them; you'll be happy.


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You know Speedy I can't remember - it was in GP2 days, so they probably don't make t any more... 'Digital Edge' rings a bell though.

I like the sound of force feedback and logitech do seem to make good gear. Thank's for the link Taurus :)



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nick m or anyone... do you happen to remember a wheel/pedal set from logitech that came out a year or 2 ago that was compatible with both the pc and ps2? THAT'S what i need. but i think it was a limited edition or something because i can't find any trace of it anywhere anymore.


I may actually be insane.
You can get converters for either way.
My mate uses his PC controllers on his dreamcast, and PS1/2 controllers etc on the Dreamcast too, theres also converters for the other way DC/ps2 --> PC

I haven't had a look yet, but im sure http://www.lik-sang.com would have some of these converters.
That was limited edition!

My friend was one of the 1st hundred people to buy Grand Turismo 3 in NYC, and he got his picture taken with the creator of the game ( Wow! I'm amazed *right * ) and he got that streering wheel; free I think ( now that's cool ) I'm pretty sure he had it working with his computer before; although I'm not too sure; but I know it was limited edition or something.

I was just looking around for something like that from Logitech, and you're right; it's not around anywhere.


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sweet-a** site... i'm been wanting an adapter to use my ps2 controllers on my pc, too. wonder if all the functions of a ps2 steering wheel (all buttons, pedals, gearshift, force feedback) would still work on a pc when use with one of these?

i didn't know they made s-video connections for n64, either... hmm.

next paycheck. }:D


I may actually be insane.
Yeah, lik-sang is a damned fine site, nice and handy for all things pointless ^_^
I think the majority of the adapters support force feedback some even say so, if they're using USB conectivity then they can get power from the USB port.
As for the buttons these are mostly mapped to normal PS2 controllers just layed out differently. So i should think it all works right :)


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As much as I hate backing Microsoft, there forcefeedback steering wheel is what i use and have had no problems, pedals don't slip either.

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