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good sound card?


The Analog Kid
MAudio Revolution would be the only way to go...
Yes, you can find them for less than $80

BTW, 24 bit is generally just marketing hype unless you actually have 24bit stuff (most people don't). Also beware that alot of the 24 bit chips actually run at 20 bit in analog mode.


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Howling Wolf said:
Me planing to buy the Audigy 2 ZS next month, it's 129€ here (153.92 US$, 207.43CN$, 86.22UK£) :)
Yeah I really want to get the Audigy 2 Platinum Pro, But first I need to sell my Audigy 2 Platinum :(


OSNN.net Adventurer
Sorry I ment the Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro, the differences are, 7.1 support rater than 6.1 (not that important), DTS hardware decoding (the feature I am after :) ) plus the "Pro" versions have what was called the "Live Drive" as an external module which I would prefer :)

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