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good anti-malware programs


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So what anti-malware programs do you fine folks use and/or suggest? Below you'll find a list of five that I know of that are/were good but don't know if they are still are and if there are others that are as good or better

Windows XPSP3 is the OS.

I know these are/were good
Spy Sweeper
Spybot Search and Destory
Spyware Doctor
Windows Defender


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My list i standby for all PC protection. :)

For Spyware Prevention.

Spybot S&D - making sure to update weekly and most important use the "immunize" button. to block rogue cookies and host file scripts.

Spyware Blaster by Javacool
is essential with Spybot S&D as they work hand in hand to Block unwanted rouge Active X drive by attacks. "a must have"

for Virus and trojan removal

Malwarebytes, for removing stubborn viruses ans trojans. "awesome software.

and finally, Super Anti-Spyware for detecting and removing spyware. the best out there right now.

For Anti-Virus


Avira or Avast very good

for paid

ESET nod32

and of course Firefox FTW!


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Thanks for the suggestions.

Yes I know 3Dfiend that Linux would be about the best means to protect against these type of threats but also know that in this case it would not be the best choice.

tdinc thanks for that list.

Anybody tried Threatfire? Its supposed to work like Spyware Blaster


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threatfire is great when its works. but when it doesent, it causes all kind off memory source hog issues and crashes too much.

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eset nod4 is out - i use that and spybot mainly, and spi firewall on router, firewall on vista, iptables on Linux - just a few tools :D


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I have had great success for the last year or so with Superantispyware. As always there is no one end all solution for spyware/malware though so I pair that with Spybot S&D.

I have been using this combination at home, on the corporate network, and recommended to friends and relatives. Have had no issues when paired with a reliable AV solution.

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i know but extra layers of security are good, i just have to redo iptables though, plus vista blocks out going too, as does iptables :p

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