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Hiya I have Zen ADSL home 500. I am looking for a good priced ADSL modem that is Ethernet. I currently have my LAN set-up through a 16 Port hub and I want to keep it this way so the Ethernet modem must be compatible with the Accton 16 port hub @ 10mb/s (it's slow but ok for home use :)). I would also like to plug the modem straight into the hub.

My current modem is a Fujitsu FDX310 modem, it's good but my PC just can't power it because it's USB based. I'm sure the modem would work well on a Pentium3 USB 2.0 based PC.

So I'm going to get this Ethernet broadband modem as a birthday present, so what would you recommend to a MAXIMUM of £100? I would like all the gizmos that the Netgeer modem provides but it's just to dear (£120) so I was looking at buying an Ethernet modem and then an access point if I need it later (laptops etc).

So what would you recommend to be a good QULAITY modem (not CHEAP!) to work with my current hub. My friend has just bought an Ethernet modem from Argos, looks all right but he is having problems with his servers etc.

So thanks if you can recommend the modem you’re experienced with and why/what features you use most of it.

I just want to get something that has a good performance/price ratio. Ta, Bucko.

I'm searching the net for different types of ADSL (and wireless G) modems though I don't mind 802.11b or just no wireless at all (access point later).


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this setup isn't giong to work. If your connection is PPPoE then you need to have the modem connected directly to a computer (or a router with the ability to send the username/password to the modem). If you put 2 NIC's in your PC then you could have one to the modem and one to the hub.. to get the appropriate hardware to do this right, probably costs about $35-50 for a new broadband router with these capabilites.


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Thats all well and good but why. Just more hassle adding another card lol. Cramming a load a sh*t in my old PC lol. Actualy I remember, can be run on this really old PC to my left here. That would be a better solution I guess. It's ADSL (UK) btw I'm using.


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i don't know how they usually do it over there, but in the US its pppoe 90% of the time, if this is the case, you just won't be able to do it with a hub. Only the two solutions I posted would work as far as I can think of right now..

also, if you are going to buy the wireless access point, you could just purchase a wireless router for around $70 that does EVERYTHING for you and all your probelms would be gone
sorry to piggy back, but arent all adsl modems the same speed? if you get one with your internet access payment, would it be worth the upgrade to buy a new one, for faster speeds?


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dubstar said:
sorry to piggy back, but arent all adsl modems the same speed? if you get one with your internet access payment, would it be worth the upgrade to buy a new one, for faster speeds?
Most ADSL modems do support roughly the same connection speeds of up to 800kbps. But as you well know, your internet connection speed is limited by your ISP to anything up to 512kbps.

Although I haven't seen any, I do think there are newer modems available, or will be available soon to support higher speeds - like the 1mb connection (UK).


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That netgear one looks nice. I'm sure it's PPOA here (with USB modems anyway). And yes I do want to use all 16 ports for my Linux servers (already have 4 pc's) and my xbox and I plan on getting other consoles and my Dad's PC needs to be hooked up. That's why I was asking if the modem would be compatible providing the internet to all 16 Port points because I have heard stories of the D-Link for example not being able to do that, in otherwords it should have a built in DHCP server.


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Actually, you'd still need a router for PPoA if you want to be always connected to the net.

I think it's worth spending the extra £20 for the Netgear one because the settings are user-friendly, and the machine itself is very reliable.

EDIT: I think DHCP configurations are found in routers only.


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Henyman said:
i would say scrap the hub + get a wireless router :D much simpler + very easy too use.
Wireless is going to cost him an arm and a leg since he'll be required to buy the wireless adapters for each individual machine too.
Besides, he's asking for suggestions for a modem/router for under £100 (budget).


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"Besides, he's asking for suggestions for a modem/router for under £100 (budget)." Yes true and I'm not going to get rid of my HUB, understood!

"# Combines ADSL modem, router, 10/100 LAN switch, and firewall
# True Firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) & Intrusion Control, Denial of Service (DoS)
# Virtual Private Network (VPN) pass-through
# Smart Wizard Install Assistant detects/connects to your ISP
# Shares a single IP address with up to 253 users"

The last line, looks like it will work with my hub don't you think lol. That netgear modem looks nice. I think I will buy an access point later, only my Dads laptop, and my laptop (when I get one) and maybe friends accessing my broadband will use the wireless so I still have all my *nix boxes hooked up to the hub you see.


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if you actually plan on using all 16 ports on a hub, you are going seriously experience slow down due to collisiosn. I'm still not entirely sure what yuo are trying to do, but if you need that many ports (which is insane for home use) then you can get the router, and connect the hub too it to add more ports. I don't really know why you are so hell bent on using a hub, you seem really attached to it.. I hate to say it, but they suck...


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I know they suck. But I aint getting rid of it cause I need it and how many times have I said. *nix (eggdrops, Linux experimentation, apache, email, intranet etc). Not downloading through it, serving through it. I just wanted to know if the adsl device can provide and work well with all 16 ports. Now is there any other suggestions other than Netgear?

Oh that looks a nice adsl router. Any other suggestions


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that looks rather complete to me, I don't see any problems with that at all. get the modem, the router, and you get you use your god foresaken hub!!!

seriously though, looks absolutely fine to me


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hehe, remember the ADSL modem includes the router :). I did that drawing in Paint at college this morning sorry it was a cr*p image.


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Hey just got one more question. Is the Draytek Vigor 2500 powered purly by ethernet or does it get power by the mains? I hope it does get powered by the mains because I've been looking for a device that can stay contect without a PC on all the while. Also does anyone know if there are any firmware updates so I can update it as soon as I get it.

I wouldn't recomend buying a PCI modem, just stick with ethernet modems Lockstock.

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