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Gmail users beware, fake upgrade emails


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Political User
Due to the recent increase in gmail phishing emails please be aware that Google Does not ask in any form for upgrades or asking for your username or passwords. Be smart.

Important FYI update for any Gmail users.

If you receive the following email in your Gmail account, do not follow the embedded link. With the recent announcement of Google paid Google storage upgrades, the following phishing emails will undoubtedly become more and more the norm.
Google doesn't even ask if you want upgraded space, they just give it to you and wonder if you'll even notice. This is oddly akin to how EP used to give out Mod status.


Beware the G-Man
Political User
if(ep == google && ep == waddy)
ep = "Ultimate Evil?";
No not evil, just needs his Thorazine dose increased by 10cc. ;)

Remember E.P.= Extended Personalities.

Yeah yeah yeah, Electronic Punk. But that's due to all the shock treatments.


Weeeeeeeeeeeee :p

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