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Gmail Load Issue


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I don't know what I did.

Everytime I load my gmail inbox now it looks like this and I get this error, my inbox is pushed down. I have Better Gmail 2 and Integrated Gmail installed, both were working fine. Integrated Gmail has a feature to remove the white space below the email messages.

The issue started with that now working, then it started giving me the error show in the picture, then its all of that, as well as the inbox being pushed down the page.

I searched everywhere and can't figure it out. I have disabled any Lab features I thought I may have turned on since the issue, no luck, and disabled both those extensions without any luck. I hope I explained this well, HELP!!!

**If there is anything in that screenshot that I shouldn't show people and I just can't see it, please let me know lol

*edit, disabling Integrated Gmail does remove the error and the inbox is normal, but I need that extension. And it was working perfectly fine a day ago, nothing has changed.!!!



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Well as I said I know it's an addon issue, Integrated Gmail.

I am more asking if anyone knows anything, any who uses it and isn't have issues. Then I can compare what the difference is. Or any other ideas. The website for the addon sucks :(


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Yea, normally if there was an issue, i'd go to the addon site or addon download place and look around for answers and ask questions. But the site is down and all that, there is no update and the issue started randomly. Weird.


- geek -
Because I use Gmail, GReader and GCalender, why use 3 different tabs instead of one?
In labs Google has a gadget for gcalender, and I see this which you could probably add greader w/.

Add any gadget by URL
by Dan P and Dong C

Adds a "Gadgets" tab to Settings, where you'll be able to specify the URL of any gadget. This gadget will show in a box in the left column.

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