Hey everyone,

I really enjoy making 3d/abstract wallpapers and up until now I was fighting Arcsoft photoimpression-a really crappy program... the image would be distorted every time i try to edit a previous project and i almost bought photoshop.

I heard the name gimp several times but never thought about using it until last week. Gimp can easily rip off a 1600x1200 project using minimal system resources and has transparency and several lighting effects built in. the best part is that it is free... you can download it from several locations by googleing it.

Hopefully this was be helpful to some-- Enjoy


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I guess it depends on what u have started with, I know I and many people have tryed Adobe Photoshop and got stuck, I tryed Gimp, cant stand it. I think (my choice) that Photoshop is much better.
ya.. see with me i never used photoshop for very long.. just played around with it on my friend's comp... for first time users though i still think gimp would be a good choice because if they don't like it then -so what it's free right?


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Yea that's true, I just always say, Photoshop (all Adobe's products) are worth the money. Well, abit expensive but worth it for the most part.


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Bman™ said:
all Adobe's products are worth the money.
You seriously think that the ability to create a PDF is worth hundreds of dollars? Especially when you can get CutePDF Writer for free?


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I do, kinda, it's not just about the PDF stuff, it's all around great program. That is anyone tryed at it, could learn to use it with ease.


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I agree that adobe products are worth every cent. They have great support and are constantly adding support for new things. They also already have a huge base already established so its easy to find tutorials and plugins and such. Not even to mention the cross platform compatibility between programs. For example I can take a .psd and import it into 3dsmax and pick and choose what layers I want to use for a perticulair material, and at the same time I can have PS open and be editing the file and it shows up immediatly. Subtle things like that give you the professional edge and saves time.

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