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Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 x64 sata driver


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Well I can't for the life of me find a sata/raid driver for the Gigabyte GAK8NF-9 motherboard. I also did a brief google search and turned up nothing. Can anyone help?
I've not looked up the specs for the board but windows x64 comes wil sillicon image SATA drivers by defalt. nvidia's nforce3/nforce4 treat sata drives as IDE until you throw on their sata drivers.

If its not using either of those chipsets you need to find the sata chip on your mobo and search for it on google.


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They are nforce4 drivers, but I was unable to install XP without loading them from the floppy. I tried during the install of x64 and it said they were not compatible with x64 and that I should download new drivers from the site.
make sure your XP CD has SP1 or SP2 slipstreamed to install without endeing SATA floppies.

a little app called nlite will make a pre-patched install CD for you.


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I know a bit about nlite (not much) but am not understanding how adding SP2 to my XP Pro cd will do anything when I am trying to install XP x64. I have the sata drivers for my drive that work with XP pro. They just don't work with the 64 bit x64. Could you elaborate?


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I know, I mean I bought the board maybe 2 months ago--so even if it's not cutting edge I'd imagine they'd ship the cd with the latest drivers to support x64 since it's made for a 64 bit processor. I think I'm going to contact gigabyte and see if they can shed some light.
Have you tried the gigabyte website? all the drivers are there, when you download them you just have to look through to find the Windows x64 setup ones (like the oemsetup.ini files n stuff)


If you download the Nforce 4 Drivers for Windows x64 (under Chipset driver) you should find what you're looking for there. I believe the same group of files is on the Nvidia website.

This all assumes of course that you're using NVRAID, but i don't think that board has any other option.


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I did try the gigabyte site and I did not find the drivers--and I read every single one of those options. Sometimes I wonder if I'm blind to these things. Maybe the wife's doing voodoo on me because she doesn't want me messing up the pc. ;)



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oh yeah, I found them alright (or at least the link). The download response is pathetic so am waiting for a better time to download.


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Just replied to your post...basically I had gigabyte email me the drivers as they are not on the d/l page for some reason. Haven't tried them, but will this evening. Just contact their support dept.


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mfarley said:
Just replied to your post...basically I had gigabyte email me the drivers as they are not on the d/l page for some reason. Haven't tried them, but will this evening. Just contact their support dept.
Mfarley, assuming the drivers worked, would it be possible for you to e-mail me the SATA x64 drivers you got from Gigabyte support? Their web site is throwing errors when I try to request support, and I'm desperate. I have the same board as you (Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9) and I'm at wits' end trying to get XP Pro x64 installed on my Maxtor SATA hard drive. I've been at for hours now and I'm about ready to buy a G5. My email: doug /at/ fouldsroberts /dot/ ca. Many, many thanks for any help you might be able to provide. In the meanwhile I'll keep trying to get someone at Gigabyte support to help me.


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Anyone get this to work yet? The Boot disk .exe seems to have missing ".cat" files?
Appears to be some of the files from within the x64 Chipset driver download?
[How will we get on with "legacy-free" (no floppy) system?]


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I'm also having problem finding the right sata drivers for my GA-K8NF-9 Board. There are several drivers on the CD but which one is?


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I have just joined today and I have no experience in online forums but I say hello. My main reason for coming online is I have the GA-K8NF motherboard and I am trying to install Windows 64 but I can't find a sata driver that works. Google led me to this site.

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