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I was trying to upgrade to xp And formated my Hard drive then couldnt get to load brought the com to a friends house he said he could have the OS loaded in no time he started messing around next thing i know he pulled the battery from the motherboard and started flipping switches /jumpers i went to the manual and tried to set things right for my setup i have 64mb of sdr dimm mem and a 20GB Western digital Harddrive 205ba also has a AMD -k6-2/400 afr
2.2v core / 3.3 v i/o
a 9926ephw
chipset is a SIS 5595 i think not sure on this one:yowch:
well since he did this nothing i have done gets me even a video readout i have lights but no beeps when i turn it on i can open the cd rom drive and it seems like it wants to work but nothing on the screen it does have onboard video i hooked into and nothing tried a Gforce and another vid card i had kicking about and nothing i have currently sdet sw1 to 1and 2 on and 3and 4 off sw2 is set for 1-3-5 on and rest off i tried other settings but believe this is what it is supposed to be at please help what do i do next i even tried to burn the bios onto a cd on my other com and put it in and hoped but nothing is there any hope?:smoker: Any and all help is much appreciated


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First off 64 meg of RAM is not enough to run XP. Aside from that some of those switches your buddy was changing control the voltage applied to the CPU. Not a good thing.

Installing a new OS does not involve dip switch changes.

Changing the dip switches without a manual is dangerous. Especially on a an old board with manual voltage adjust.

If you have the type of processor, clock speed, multipler and it's voltage rating you may be able to set everything back to where it was but if the CPU got over voltage applied it may be toasted. The info may be printed on the top of the cpu package under the heatsink.

Here's the link to the manual:


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that CPU though, AMD K6-2 would be about seven years old though, and the rest of the specs wouldnt be much newer, so chances are its pretty well toasted by now :disappointed:


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I have a Cyrix 333 mhz K6 that runs fine. I keep it around for sentimental reasons. It's the first comp I built from the ground up by myself. The old CPU's did not fry in their own juices so they last forever.


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not to sound mean..... but if that kid said he could have the OS installed "in no time", then i'd assume he knew how to install it, and he SHOULD have known that there should be no need to open the case, and if there was he shouldn't have had to flip around the dip switches that he more than likely had no idea what even one of them did let alone if they would damage something once the power button was pressed. And why on earth would he have taken the CMOS battery out? the CMOS battery has nothing to do with installing an OS. All it really does is keeps your system time if the computer is shut down, and your BIOS settings. If he took it out to reset the settings in BIOS.... then he went through way too much work to do so, since all he would have had to do was go into the BIOS settings once the computer was turned on and made sure that the CD-ROM drive was the first boot device. how much computer knowledge does this friend of yours have? the first OS i ever installed on a computer was Windows 98 on my old Cyrix 233. I even did that with next to no computer knowledge. that you gotta use the boot disk, use fdisk and format, remember to start the computer with CD-Rom support, and all that other fun stuff. Windows XP is just a matter of put the disc in, restart the computer, and within like 5-10 minutes you can have the computer all set up and ready to go on it's own way (as long as you did a quick format instead of a full format).

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