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Gigabyte 7VRXP mobo questions.

I have a few questions about this motherboard that the manual nor the site can answer (that I could see anyway). Hopefully someone else has this board and can shed some light:

1: The multiplier setting. I know that the processor has to unlocked to use this but, the board has a set of switches that let you choose multipliers from 5 to 12.5 which is OK for now since my 2000+ uses 12.5 by default. The giga-byte website says the board will support up to a 2600+. Does this mean I can't make the 2000+ higher than it is if I unlock it because the switches don't go any higher?

2: Right now I am using old DDR2100, but will to upgrade to DDR333 when I get more $$$. I found where I change the bus from 133 to 166 in the BIOS, but I don't see where to adjust the PCI divider to 5:1 because it must be at 4:1 right now (@133 FSB). Does the BIOS auto-set the divider value? Since I can change the FSB in 1 MHz increments from 100 up to ~170ish, what are the FSB values where the BIOS decides to switch divider values from 3:1 @ ~100FSB, and 4:1 @ ~133FSB, and 5:1 @ ~166FSB?

3: When I do switch the FSB to 166, will my 2000+ then be running at 2075MHz (166 * 12.5) instead of 1667MHz (133 * 12.5)? If so, I will have to unlock the CPU so I can set the multiplier to a lower value than 12.5 so it will run safe to about 1743MHz (166 * 10.5) right?

Thanks in advance!


Hey scriptasylum,
I don't know how to change the divider mself, I have read that it is an issue with the bios and the version you are running. I have the VRX version of your board(no raid). I'll create a link to a forum that will give you more specific info on your board and the bios.


I hope this helps !!


1. You don't have to unlock anything, you can overclock your mobo with eaytune 3 suplied with the mobo. The 2600XP uses less voltage, and it is very hard to overclock the 2000XP.

2. Just put in the new ram and take out the old, if want both sticks then they will both have to run at DDR266. And you can overclock the PCI and AGP bus but why would you want to do messy stuff like that? Causes alot of instability.

3. I wouldn't even attempt to set your FSB at 166, the XP2600 doesn't run at that to the best of my knowledge and you would ruin your cpu by doing that.

4. Be happy with what you've got, if you mess 2 much it will break and you'll have nothing!!
Thanks everyone!

Arthurking: that link you sent is really helpful, tons of information for us 7vrxp owners!


I really don't want to use the easytune. Besides it basically does what the BIOS settings do, just with software. I just had some confusion of divider settings at different FSB's and how it would effect my XP2000. I since have read that the memory will run at 166 and the FSB of the CPU will run at 133 (asyncronously). I originally thought changing the memory FSB to 166 would also change the CPU FSB to 166 and knew my XP2000 would NOT like that a bit.

I still have some confusion as to how the mobo "decides" when to switch dividers (the board can set the FSB in 1 MHz increments), and how it will support the newer CPUs with 166FSB, but oh well.

It just would be nice to have things like PCI ratios and FSB and mem speed totally changeable by the user in BIOS. I have a dipswithc on the board, but it only goes up to 12.5 multiplier! What good is that?! The XP2000 uses that value by default, unlocking it would just keep it at 12.5 max unless you went down. The only way I can see to overlcok would be to change the FSB to a couple MHz above default (like 135 instead of 133)which doesn't add much performance IMO.

I really dont want to increase the PCI bus or AGP bus clocks, I just want to make sure I do things right once I get some new 2700 memory. I already have had first hand experience of what happens when you increase the FSB too high (harddrive corruption). I thought at first I would have to unlock the processor to bring down the speed enough to be safe (back when I thought the CPU and mem busses ran the same speed).

This board was cheap and is a "bandaid" until the hammer chip and mobo comes out. Once the bugs are worked out on that system and prices drop a bit, I'll compare the hammer with the current Intel and decide if Intel will be a better choice. It seems Intel is kicking AMD's a$$ these days and the gap in preformance is only getting wider. :(


hardware monkey
unless your board officially supports future 166mhz-bus (333mhz) processors, then anything above 133 is overclocking and 4:2:1 is the highest pci:agp:fsb divider setting you'll get.

i just checked the 7VRXP manual and it only supports 200 and 266mhz processors. sorry, bud.

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