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.gif movie clips...? do I have everyone Stumped??



Hey I have been seeing alot of those .bmp short movie clip things around. How do you make those?

A guy has one as his avatar with that canadian kid thinking he is a jedi.


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.bmp is a Bitmap, a static image.

I think that you mean a .gif, you'll need some sort of animation software to make one. I don't know of anyeasy to use applications.. perhaps someone else will.. :)


Well I have seen several different ones apear recentlly. There has to be some sort of software because they are apearing very quickly all over the forums I visit... and no one that has one knows how to make them.
Not really ... one way you could do it would be to rip the frames from a movie clip, and then combine them together with Animation Shop or something similar.

I'm sure there's an easier alternative to it. Now that you've cleared the fact that it is a .gif and not a .bmp, people will be able to help you out better.

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A gif is a bunch of bmp's put together. You need Ulead Gif Animator if you want a freeware one. I have to find the link though. Very easy to use once you have the bmp's.

Or as NetRyder said. ^^^^^ :D


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it's easy with ulead, just open it up, close the wizard, click new > add video, select the video, click duration, set the start and end points and you're away! :)

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