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Ghosty mouse on the desktop?


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Hey guys,

I don't quite know if I am seeing things or not, however I think I'm right... For some reason, sometimes my mouse appears to be "ghosty" a little bit while on the desktop. My refresh rate is 75Hz, so I don't think that's the issue... the drivers... well, the thing about the drivers i the fact that I am not comfortable with them. It's a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0, and whether it's logitech drivers, or microsoft drivers, I think that makes things that much worse, it makes the mouse sluggish, move differently, which can be a bad thing in games, because not only do you have to tweak the desktop settings, but you also have to tweak the in game mouse settings as well, and it's really hard to find something good because regardless it's sluggish...

Is it possible that it's something else?

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