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Ghost 2003


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What would be the chances of a Ghost Image, that consisted of little more than an operating system, copying to a different computer to the one it was made on?
Don't think ghosting an OS to another computer is such a good idea since most of the hardware will be different on the second box, and you would have drivers installed for the first box already.

Also, I think the size of the partition has to be exactly the same on both hard drives to be able to restore an image (that's the case in DriveImage, not sure about Norton Ghost)


are you saying copying over a network connection or putting new computer's drive in old, copying, then putting drive back in new computer. or you could also copy to CDs/DVDs, but that's usually a big hassle.


Sorry to say that dont rate Ghost 2003 at all , as it does not see my internal SCSI CDRW at all, for disc backups.
Best program is Acronis "TruImage" that allows partition resizing amongst other options , if tfring image to another machine etc.
Drivers, as Net Ryder said, would not be needed after imaging to new system with differing hardware specs.
Although Windows P&P aspect would install its own default drivers on the imaged PC on re boot , to override those received during imaging.


since its going to a new computer, you have to run the sysprep.exe tool (located on the xp cd - do a search) so all driver/hardware associations or whatever the heck are set back to default. This makes it so after reboot, the driver library in xp is rewritten. To do an image, just image the old drive to new after you run sysprep, but you must do this before the computer reboots (or the original dll libraries will be reset).

Here is a guide for using sysprep.exe in conjunction w/ Norton Ghost 2003. http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPOR...03 for Windows 2000/NT/Me/98/XP&osv=&osv_lvl=
and the partitions do not have to be the same size, the new one has to be same or bigger (well at least for the used part) but other wise ghost will resize it to use whole disk (so if image was done from a 4 gig say it will resize to a 80 gig if thats whats used)etc
It would seem buring an ISO with NERO would be more what your looking for however as NetRyder said not such a good idea... Way too many problems going to occur with this method unless your talking about making burned copy of the installation disks.


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Thanks to all. My basic idea was to update my operating system as much as possible, then burn it to CD using ghost. I then thought that if anything went wrong, or I changed my computer, I could simply restore the ghost image.

I think, as others above have said, the ghost image will install itself on other size hard drives, so that would not be a problem. I also thought that, with a plug and play system, the drivers for basic hardware would be picked up and installed automatically when the image was booted up.

I am going to download the Deploy Tools from Microsoft and have a look at them.

It looks as if True Image has some good reviews, so I might also have a look at it.

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