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GFx Card Updgrade

I have recently purchased a new Graphics Card & Monitor for use with Vista. I currently dont get Aero with my GeForce 4 Integrated chip, but have purchased a Radeon X1300 XT with 256MB Dedicated. Not just to run Aero but a number of reasons.

I am wondering, after I install the Graphics card (which I wont have until Wednesday). Can I just boot up Vista, install the drivers (if needed) and Aero will instantly become available and I can then enjoy the Glassy goodness? Or do I need to completely re-install components from Vista to enable Aero? :rolleyes:

I should hope that all components are there ready to be of use as soon as Vista's hardware detection notices my graphics have been bumped.
There are no additional components that need to be installed for the Aero UI. It's part of the shell and just gets disabled if the system doesn't meet the requirements.

It it doesn't automatically turn on once you've installed the drivers for the new card, you might need to re-run the system assessment test to update your Windows Experience Index score.
Just went for a quick look for the tool and seems easy enough to find. The graphics are the only thing really letting my Index down. So the card should bump that considerably.

Cheers NR :)


woot, works loverly... and I have a very nice 19" widescreen Xerox monitor now too!

Just for peoples info - I did need to run the assesment tool to obtain Aero.


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