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Gfx Card to buy ~$80


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alright i know every other thread is exactly like this one, but i seem to have a tighter budget than most everyone else (for a gift for my bro). I dont really care about AA, just pure performance at 1024x768 and particularly Call of Duty. Im looking at 9600SE, Geforce FX5600, and what about the Radeon 8500 128mb or the Geforce 4 TI4200?
okay if you are gonna be picky about it such as other people they would tell you the ti4200 is the best performer. but for me i would say the fx 5600 because of its new technology and blah and blah . but if you save like 30 more bucks you can get the ultra version iwhich is better.


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for that much money, the best FX you could get would be a fx5600xt. you'd be better off getting a ti4200 because it'll offer more brute performance, especially since you don't plan on AA and AF being used.

here's a 64MB for $79 and a 128MB for $90 (with good 3.3ns memory).

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