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GForce Overclocking



Hi all. New to this fantatic site. What a resource!!!
Question. I'm running a GForce2 MX400 with 64mb. I am interested in overclocking and would like to know the advantages and disadvantages plus some good safe settings for the Core Clock and Memory Clock Frequencies.

Currently running at 75mhz, and really interested in tweaking it it for Battlefield 1942

Oh..using XP professional

Many thanks folks
Hmm, me thinks this should be in hardware, but...

You'll need the registry tweak that will put a "clock frequencies" tab in the display settings app. Once you enable changing of the clock frequencies you'll need to reboot. Then you can start with a small change, test with something like 3dmark, and go up slowly. Keep in mind your GPU and RAM will heat up more.

As to the exact values to set, not sure. It's kinda a case by case thing. In the clock frequencies tab, you'll have two seperate sliders; one ofr the GPU and one for the memory. I usually adjust hte memory to match the GPU (the GPU is half the speed of the mem speed in my case). I'm not sure how much performance increase youll get if you increase just the mem or just the GPU. I've O/C mine to 290/580 and it runs well (I have added a copper GPU heatsink/fan along with mem heatsinks to help cooling).

Oh yeah, almost forgot: Welcome to the site :)


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My router miniprocessor runs at 75mhz.

I have a gainward GF4 TI4200..it comes with some WICKED fan...I just leave mine at 260/500 and fast frame rates and everything.

BTW BF1942 needs hardware Transform and lighting...make sure your card supports it.

And you really won't see much improvement from O/Cing.



Thanks Dr....Yep the card supports T&L. And actually runs very well at all high levels under Battlefield. In some levels I have to crank it back a bit but generally OK. I guess the lesson here is "If it aint broke : don't fix it".
But curiosity has got the better of me!!!

I am just running a sighlty modified Dell box (P4, 1.8, 512, heaps of storage with XP) and runs well. Also, PCI not AGP so I am in trouble before I even start LOL. And oh, I can crank the up vid card up to 85mhz which I've done.

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