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Gforce 4200 freeze

I have looked around but I cant find a solution to this nv4_disp freeze loop error. I used to have a Gforce2 GTS and found detonator drivers (21.83's) that really wouldnt freeze up on me as much but then i got this card and the nightmare started all over again. I get the loop eror when i play 3d games mostly, and sometimes even when I'm just watching vids.
caused by: nv4_disp
STOP: 0X000000EA

well thats it...my specs are:

Motherboard: asus AV7133
Vid Card: Gforce 4 Ti4200
Processor: Athlon 1 gigz
HD: 40 gig WD
Sound: SB Live!
umm i guess thats it.
Any suggestions would be great.
I have already updated my mobo bios to its latest, and also tried the 4in1 drivers and nothing.


Wish I knew a solution....but heres the things I have read or done myself:

Update soundcard drivers
Update vidcard drivers
Update mobo drivers

Then I read it could be the server you're playing games on, it could be client side, some ppl say csguard crashes it, reformat uggghhh, so on and so on.

I have read hundreds of counterstrike posts and posts in here........I have yet to find a definitive solution

I also tried setting AGP comp driving to manual instead of auto...and set it to DB or BA had minimal success with this tho

Even try decreasing hardware acceleration


Samething happens to me too, I got a Geforce 2 MX400 and when I play D3D app's it start doing these weird things, especially on Flight Sim 2002, and suddenly it just freezes and restarts. I found it to be that i had over-tweaked my card too much, I had O/ced it a little bit too high, so i brought the O'c 2 points down and changed something here and there and bingo, now it works fine..................I dunno if thats any help tho, cuz it doesnt seem thats the problem wit ure card!:confused:
i haven't o/c'ed this card as of yet, thats the wierd part...GOD this sux, you would think that things like this would be resolved by now, its been over a year this problem still around. SLACKERS!!!


Hey ppl,

I have exactly the same problem with my GeForce 4 MX 440. everytime i play, or go into a 3D application the computer locks up. Its so annoying, i cant do anything. i also tried the detonator XP drivers but nothing. if anyone can help us, please do!!!



hey again,

i thought i'd post my specs.

pentium 3 866Mhz
??? motherboard
GeForce 4 MX440
20 gig HD

it says i have XP Home but i actually have XP Pro:confused:


It's all about power...

Have you guys (the ones that are having the problem) tried with a more powerful power-supply? I had the same problem before, which was solved by using a more powerful "electric-box". Try that, because it's not about the drivers....


hardware monkey
so it's threads like this where nvidia gets a bad rap... i see.

the only time i ever got that error was with older drivers and when i'd leave my computer idle. even then, it only happened maybe once every two weeks. fixed now, though. :confused:
Don't get me wrong, if i really thought that nvidia was that bad i wouldn't have gotten this card. It's just that I don't think they are giving this problem the attention it deserves.

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