GF2 MX400 problem with XP (BSOD)



I just recently bought a 64mb Abit Siluro MX400 (with TV Out) graphics card and though it seems to work fine with the native XP drivers when I updated to the either the cards recommended XP drivers or Nvidias detonator drivers I run into the BSOD problem.

Basically, I will be quite happilly using the computer then it suddenly crashes (normally when opening a new window) I then get the blue screen with the error message IRQL_NOT LESS_ OR EQUAL. After It dumps some memory it restarts then runs a scan of the disk before loading windows again.

Ive looked around on the net and it seems that this is a common problem with MX400 cards, Nvidia drivers and Windows XP.
The general opinion is that its an issue with IRQ addresses but Ive seen other reason stated as well.
Ive checked my system and the cards IRQ address is 11 and is shared only with my FA11 ethernet adapter.

I am asking if anyone else here has had the same problem and if they have found a solution (hopefully not too technical) for it.

For now I can just stick to the native XP drivers but they are limited as many of the features of the card are lost with them.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
If there are any cards plugged in right next to your AGP slot move them to another slot if possible and that will fix the problem alot of times

hope that helps
I had a simular problem with my MX200, but I have full functions useing windows 2000 drivers.
I got mx400 abit 64mb too but no tv output..have u try to update ur motherboard chipset driver ?

issit VIA ? try the 4in1 patch

i have simmilar problem...too but i dunno if is was fixed or not cause it happen randomly
Ive no longer got the problem and I followed these steps to fix it:

1) Updated the bios for the card to the latest version from ABIT.
2) Did a clean install of XP (was previously an upgrade from Win98).
3) Installed the latest drivers for the card from ABIT, not nvidia!

Its been a couple of days and the card is working fine with full features and not a single BSOD, so all that seems to have done the trick.

Note: Re-installing XP was something I'd already decided to do to remove a lot of junk files, it may not have been nessecary to fix this.

If you need the latest bios file for your Abit card you can get it from here:

And the drivers from here:
I have a VisionTek GeForce2 MX400 and from what I have read and understood is that the video card should not be sharing IRQs with anything. For example, mine is on 11 and shared with nothing else. My soundcard is on its own IRQ and my network card is on its own.

I see you fixed the problem, good thing is wasn't anything too major :) However, if anyone else has this problem I would also look into setting the IRQ to and unshared one for the video card.

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