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Getting your Email to sync with Your Mobile phone??


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hello - and good to be on the forum.

First of all, sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum for this question. If it is, then please point me in the right direction.

I'm new here and looking for advice on some software for synchronising my hotmail email with my mobile phone.

I've been looking around and out of the payed 'true push' email applications I seem to have the choice of:

1. Visto
2. Motomail
3. Seven Always-On Mail

I downloaded the Seven app from http://www.workoutofoffice.com/software/internet_edition/ and have been running it for a week or so quite succesfuly, but not had a chance to try out the rest yet.

Any advice that you guys could offer on mobile email would be helpful as my trial of seven expires soon and I would like to compare it with a couple of other similar applications before making a purchase.

Loads of thanks

Sam :)
My nokia N95 came with a free little utility from nokia to sync with exchange mailboxes. You can get hosted exchange for silly cheao prices these days. Would be easier than trying to get hotmail to your mobile device really.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hi there,

Just an update on this one. I've been using Always-On Mail for a few months now and have had no probs so far.. Would def recomend it!

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