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Getting the default beep working again (registry?)



The other day I accidently installed a Win9x driver for my TV card - the result of which was a complete crash when it rebooted the system which corrupted several critical windows files.

I then booted off the XP cd and did a repair install, and now everything is fine again with one exception - the default beep.
It might sound a bit trivial, but I actually find it quite useful (mIRC uses it a lot) and I was wondering if there is a registry setting somewhere to kick it back into life.

Heres the deal:
I have an SBLive! 5.1 Digital
The default beep will ONLY work when adjusting the sound volume with the little sound icon in the system tray, and even then it comes out of the PC speaker.
I've tried various sets of drivers of different ages to see if it will work, and none will.

I thought there was an option to change what wav file was used for the default beep in the Sounds section of control panel, but if there is then mine has mysteriously gone missing.



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