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Get Windows 7 FREE (legally)


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House Party > Global Windows 7 Launch Party > Apply Now
Apply online to host a Windows® 7 Launch Party.
Choose a day from October 22-29 and if you're selected, you'll not only receive a special Signature Edition of Windows® 7 Ultimate but your very own Windows® 7 Party Pack. Hosting a Windows® 7 Launch Party is easy.
You'll be assisted by House Party, the world's leading party organizer.
Pick a theme, then upload photos and videos, chat with other hosts, blog your experience, and download fun favors all from your personal House Party page.
USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Canada, Japan, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, and India only!


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You have to do all that for ONE copy of Windows 7? Bah great OS but not worth the hassle.
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That's a pretty cool angle. I would never host a Windows party but I think it's an interesting marketing tactic they're trying out.


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You also get a Windows 7 Party Pack with the following:
Ars Technica said:
  • All hosts will receive:
    • One limited Signature Edition Windows 7 Ultimate
    • One Deck of Playing Cards with Windows 7 Desktop Design
    • One Puzzle with Windows 7 Desktop Design
    • One Poster with Windows 7 Desktop Design
    • Ten Tote Bags with Windows 7 Desktop Design for hosts and guests

  • Also included in USA party packs:
    • One package of streamers for decoration
    • One package of balloons for decoration
    • One table top centerpiece for decoration
    • One package of Windows 7 napkins
Windows 7 napkins and bags!? Who's up for a party? :D


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Just been checking the small print on the signup page and it says most events are limited to the United States in the where to send party pack section, so although its worth a shot if you are outside there will be limited "seats" available.


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Ok, I've been thinking about this. I've applied to host a Windows 7 party now!

Edit: Nevermind, I can't hold one.
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this party is worldwide!
and, umm...
a lot of people don't actually throw the parties, they just keep all the free stuff they send out :eek::suprised::speechless:

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