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Get rid of "old" screensaver names?

I have a Screen Saver Control icon in my toolbar. I have several screensavers I don't have or use any more. (most of them from XP plus that I had but uninstalled) How do I delete these screensaver names that I don't have?
I went into programs in windows explorer but couldn't find anything with those old screensaver names in them.


Do a search on your system (check "Advanced" and enable searching in Hidden & System folders) for *.scr files (just like that - *.scr). You may find multiple copies of each - just delete the ones you want.
Thanks allan. I ran the advanced search and came up with nothing. Any other ideas.. Its not a major deal, but I'd like to delete those old screensaver names.
Once again!

So if you go into Start/control panel/display and click into the screensaver from the display properties and you see screensavers you don't use anymore. Where the "heck" are those suckers?
Try this:

1. C: windows\system32
2. Delete the Screen Savers
3. Start > Run and then type C:\windows\system32\dllcache (This folder is really hidden, this is the easiest why to reach it.)
4. Delete the Screen Savers in that folder, they have the same name.

I don't know why microsoft does that...Its dumb if you ask me.


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