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I've been a few months now and I really love all the information i've gotten so far Its amazing all this time I thought computers were only good for P0rn (lol.... i'm joking)

I said all that to ask this Why is it that most of you are running XP pro and not XP home? what are the real differences in the 2 softwares? i'm currently running Home and was considering getting Pro? WIll it make a difference in the end?

Thank you...:D


I may actually be insane.
Home = Cut down pro

For most users it makes no difference.
Pro has IIS and some other things i cant remember (anyone...? :) )
its probably not worth buying pro if you already have home

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A couple differences I can think of are support for dynamic discs and joining domains on a network. You won't find these in XP Home because average users don't need these in a home environment.

It shouldn't make a difference -- Home is apt for gaming, daily surfing/email, and small business applications. The above website ought to help distinguish.


Yeah, the only difference is the advanced networking, and security features.

But for 99% of users XP Home is fine, they use the same engine, its only afew features which are pointless for homeusers anyway!

XPHome will do you just fine m8.

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