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Gel: Really good or bad for hair?



Gel can style your hair, but are there any end consequences?

I have heard that people lose hair quite early in life, and people get dandruff aswell because of all the chemicals in it!

Is this true?

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I had a friend who started loosing hair when he was 17 , know many people who lost most of there hair in there early 20s.
Its pretty much an individual thing, but putting tons O crap in your hair wont help you keep it for sure.
Gel is bad. If you use a lot, it sure can lead to hair loss early in life, dandruff, that's proven.

I had a friend who used hair gel for as long as I knew her ( 9 ) , and at about 13, she started loosing large amounts of hair, and had very bad dandruff problems, to the point of medicated shampoo.

Gel sucks, in a way.


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Once I used gel , at my first date :) .. succeed indeed but after that I realised that my image does not depend on that = was better after all ..

Eggs & others stuff are some like PATCHES/FIX after a long period wearing' that type of gel ..
So I like it but only on special ocasions .. :)
a man who uses gel uses it to attract another man ( typical gay) or to get his attention...girls really don't give a sh!t about your hair...they care about your pesonality.this is my opinion:)


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Originally posted by Octopus
a man who uses gel uses it to attract another man ( typical gay) or to get his attention...girls really don't give a sh!t about your hair...they care about your pesonality.this is my opinion:)

/me watches pigs fly past his window :)

I use gel basically because I have fine hair which blows easily with the winds in florida :) not much... and I don't use it all the time...

have not had any hair loss problems that I know off :)


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Think of birds that get covered in oil from oil spills... kinda the same way. Any chemicals in your hair over time will have adverse effects on it. But it also depends on you family history... genetics and such.

I am 44 years young :p and I have all my hair and no receeding hair line. I do not use anything other than Shampoo (Head and Shoulders)and sometimes Conditioner. And I don't have dandruff either. :cool:

Don't put sh!t in your hair. It may look good now but down the line you'll wish you could still look at your hair.
Gel won't hurt your hair to much. The only thing you will get is build up. To get rid of the buildup use baking soda on your hair once a month to remove the build up.
Dandruff is oil buildup just above the papilla which releases and dries. Thus turns white.
Losing hair can be construed as several things, the first being genetics (as in it is inherited from your grandmother - yes I said grandmother) the second being stress, the third being from medication and the fourth from alopecia. There are several different kinds of alopecia, one which comes out in clumps and grows back, and one that comes out and doesn't grow back.
Your hair grows an average of one inch a month and you lose approximately 80 hairs a day. You also have 3 different types of hair on your body.
More woman tend to lose hair (thinning) more than men, that is why I said your grandmother in my statement above.
You can do a google search for Trichology and Alopecia to get more information on this subject.


I have seen people put on some (malt) vinegar on their hair aswell, put it on for about 2 hours, have a bath and thats it. Do it a couple times and you could see results! This was used to get rid of dandruff.


I use a little big of GEL in my hair everyday. Its mainly used to styling my hair up. I think if you don't use to much then you should be fine. I agree that you get DRANDRUF FLAKES from Gel.

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