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GEFORCE4 vid card DONT WORK!!! =( help



ok here is the deal.. i got 2 questions.. both important..... 1) i bought a geforce 4 mx 420 ... pci...... and i have a compaq 5000, its old and has no agp so i got pci... it has an onboard vid card.... and when i put the gf4 in it dont work.... i tried everything to disabling the old vga in BIOS and also plugging it in and out of the slot.... when i turn it on.. it goes to the boot screen fine... it recognises the card.... then after that it just goes black.... but its on... i can hear windows loading and what not ... and if i click stuff i hear noises ... just dont see anything .. total blacknes.....

2) if i use this vid card gf4 that has sdram do i have to get a motherboard that uses sdram also... ( i am building a new comp) thnx for the help!!!!!


hardware monkey
try using a different pci slot for your video card. also try removing any other pci cards for the time being until you get the video working.

to answer your other question, the type of memory your motherboard and video card use (sd or ddr) does not have to coincide. they are independent.


hardware monkey
you also might want to boot with the onboard video, remove any drivers for it, then proceed to put in the mx420 and disable the onboard.

word of advice: if you're going to build a new system in the near future, i wouldn't use the mx420. it simply won't offer the performance you could be getting with something cheaper. try to stay away from any "MX" card. get a geforce2 Ti ($60), geforce3 ti200 ($100) or geforce4 ti 4200 64mb ($160). they are ddr and the best deals... will blow that pci mx420 out of the water.

just trying to help. }:>


OSNN Addict
Yeah like Taurus just said stay away from MX cards, we all know they are cheap and inviteing but they really are not worth it.

Good Luck!


yeah i know but i already bought it so its too late. =/... its all good... but one thing is.... i cant uninstall the drivers for the vid card i got now cuz i dont know where they are... ( not in Add/Remove Programs). So I dont know what to do ?? I will try removing the other pci card and what not... but damn =(


Hey...To find the drivers goto My Computer>right click goto properties>goto the Hardware tab>goto the Device Manager.... Find your current (onboard) video adapter and Right Click on it goto Properties>click on the Drivers tab>click on the Uninstall button (Should Uninstall drivers)........GeForce 2 aren't bad by any means especially for the money.....


hardware monkey
i wouldn't worry about backing it up. i'm sure newer and better drivers can be found for it if you need it back, anyway. what kind of onboard video is it? who's your motherboard manufacturer?

if you insist on backing it up, you'll have to wait for someone else's answer cuz i wouldn't know how.


Try going into BIOS again and select initial video on mode PCI (or something to that effect). This may help


dont laugh...
but is the monitor plugged in ? both into the electricity and into the video card??
been there.. done that.. DUHHHHHH
one of the many reasons I gave up drinkin:D



Check the power supply, geforce 4 crads draw A LOT of power, and you need in excess of 230 watts power pack to keep one running stable..


ok.. i solved the problem.. i said **** it and returned the vga lol... no more MX for me .. i decided its not the way to go.. and for now. i will deal with my old shit comp till the finish the new one..

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