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Hello everyone,

New member here, needin some help!
I've got a Creative Geforce 4 Ti4600 card, and just need to know what lead I need to connect it to my TV, and where I can get one from ?

Any help would be great!!



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Apr 12, 2002
are you talking about s-video ?

if so then you need a tv that supports s-video... i.e. has connector at the back...

if it does... then your card should have come with an s-video cable or you can buy one and plug it into the tv... then in display options or other software you can select tv... to output stuff :eek:)


Yeh my Tv's got a S-Video and Left and Rigth channel Audio ports in the back, partly the reason why I brought it ;)

Just don't know if it's a standard S-Video male end that plugs into the Graphics card?!


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Dec 25, 2001
Easiest way to tell would be to simply look at the card's jack and see if the pins would line up, then carefully insert it.

It should be a standard type plug though. My 4400 uses a standard one; but my old GF2gts used an s-vid type plug, but had more pins, so wasn't compatible without a special adapter.

Note: Your TV's s-video input is "expecting" video and audio; the gf4 card only outputs video. Not a problem if you only use the TV as just a video screen. If you need the sound to go into the TV too, you'll have to find a way to combine the s-video out from the vid card and the audio out from your sound card and combine these into a standard s-video cable to go into the TV's s-video jack. I'm sure you could buy adapters and stuff, but I think the cabling will start to get messy.

If the TV also has RCA jacks, you could simply get an s-video to RCA adapter (has s-vid connector on one end and one RCA jack on the other). Route that to the video RCA jack on your TV. Then use a "headphone-plug to RCA" adapter to go from the sound card to the TV's RCA audio jacks.

Much easier to route just the s-video cable to the TV, then route the audio to a stereo receiver or simply use the PC speakers.


Cheers scriptasylum

Gonna go buy an S-video cable later today, should sort everything out ;)

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