Geforce4 ti 4600 and the nvidia refresh rate fix ?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by razorjack187uk, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. Hello i have just installed the new nvidia geforce4 ti 4600 , put the nvidia 28.32 detonator drivers on , and when i run the refresh rate fix i keep getting a message saying "the program was unable to read the display adapter setup information" it also says possible causes could be due to an outdated device list , so i update it , it puts the card in the list but still wont install .....
    Can anybody help in anyway ? ..... a friend said to me that maybe the reason it doesnt find it is because the fix is sorted with the new card , it might be a possibility but im not sure , anyway if someone can help i say thanks in advance.
  2. max

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    Its the 28.32 drivers causing the problem

    Install 23.11's and the refresh rate fix will work and you will get greater than 60fps in games then :)

    From the benchmarks i have done, there is no noticable improvemnent in 28.32 to 23.11 's
  3. Qumahlin

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    in the 23.11's I get 325 less 3dmarks then with the 28.32 and my games run faster with the 28.32's

    problem with vid boards is they are all different so while one person sees no difference some see a great difference. As for the refresh rate fix you can always resort to truning V-sync off..or wait for MS to fix the problem heh
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    or get a flatpanel monitor then you dont have to worry about refreshrates,hehehehe;)
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    hehe no really

    get the new nvmax, it really helps you get all you can from the new 28.32s and it runs really great with no footprint..;)