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Geforce 4



what kinda review is that:)
more like a comparison chart

where the pros and cons for both versions?bugs?fixes?

thanks for comparison charts tho:)


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he is using 3dmark2001 SE from www.madonion.com

the basic thing is yes 40.x gives higher scores on benches but look at the benches...

there are minor optimized increases in most segments of the benches which are not really much however any improvement is normally good... the one thing that kicks UP the score is the nature fps that unisol is getting... THAT is why the score went up 1000 points or so... the way the weighting of 3dmark2001 goes you have more of your 3dmark points allocated on the basis of you nature score than any one other single game score...

3dmark score can be garnered by just running the games alone... thats it... the first 7 tests...

if 40.x gives no problems... install it... not too many people have complained about regular or major issues... but bear in mind even people with freah out of the box cards can have problems so its all relative...

new det's normally help... but if it ain't broke don't fix it :)

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