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GeForce 4 TI question


Kenya believe it...
I'm getting a GF4 TI in the next couple of weeks but my question is which manufacturer makes the best GF4 TI's at the moment? As I'm unsure which manufacturer to go for.


I have owned both Leadtek and Gainward cards and like both very much. I am planning on upgrading to a GF4 TI myself and am leaning towards the Leadtek just because I really like the way they did the heat sinks and ram sinks they look really cool


Kenya believe it...
hmm,I'm leaning towards MSI as their card is the cheapest I've seen for the model of GF4 ti I want,but I do like the way that the heat sink on the Leadtek is one big heat sink that covers the ram and the GPU at the same time.


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performance wise the cards from MSi are normally near or at the top and leadtek too since both offer good packages...

with their wrap around heatsinks the leadtek may have more overclocking potential than the others g4 ti's


Ive used a PNY g3ti500
worked flawlessly

still working flawlessly in a friends comp
maybe u just got a bad one

oh well:cool:


Or maybe they started sucking on the geforce4s ?? cause I know about 10 others with the same problem with a PNY GF4..


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one of the main things to look at when you choosing a maker, is to find out who puts what speed memory on their cards.

take a gf4 ti 4200 64mb, for example... most brands will have 4ns memory on em which will give you 500mhz (2000/4=500)... that's the nvidia reference spec for that card. you may be able to overclock them a little higher until you hit the memory's limit at around 510-540mhz. but if you got the same card from gainward, for instance, they include 3.5ns memory on theirs.. officially good for 571mhz... up to 600mhz once you push it.

gainward also has a 'golden sample' version with 3.3ns memory on it but it costs more so you might as well get a 4400 instead. other brands also have 'performance' versions of their cards with faster memory and fatter heatsinks.. like that one from abit.


i have a pny gf4 ti4600

no problems at all, atm oc'd at 320/720

no probs. what kind of problems did you people have?


I use the Visiontek G4 TI4600 and works great, especially with new games like my Unreal II 2003. Just make sure you upgrade to the latest drivers as Iv'e noticed a difference with their latest Detonator drivers..........But youll really notice the difference when you have it, then play a friends computer with his older card.. Night and Day!!

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