GEFORCE 4 mx420 ???

Shamus MacNoob

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What are the best drivers for this card and the best tweakers to use for the GEforce4 mx420 on win xp pro sp1 of course..

Any comments are welcome .......thanks ;)


hardware monkey
for that card? you'll need all the help you can get.

start by getting the latest drivers (40.72).. and the coolbits registry patch to activate driver-based overclocking... and revving it up.

Shamus MacNoob

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Thanks for responces , was wondering more along the line of does anyone else have this card? what drivers have they found the best? I am using the drivers that came with the card its an asus vb170 magic, asus has a live update software program and a tweaker program that are supplied with the card...but I guess I could not use that software and use riva-tuner? and the lastest drivers ... where can I get that coolbits reg file?

and taurus whats wrong with this card??


hardware monkey
what's wrong with that card? well, it's quite a bit slower than my 2-year old gf2 gts. a lot slower. it uses sdr memory instead of ddr... which really affects performance. did you get the pci or agp version? the pci version is the fastest pci video card you can get.. in case you don't have an agp slot. but if you have an agp slot, an old gf2 ti would have been cheaper and faster than that mx420.

oh, and i attached coolbits for you. just open it, and when it asks if you want to apply it to the registry, say yes. then go into display settings and look for "clock frequencies"... there will be 2 sliders, one for core and one for memory.

Shamus MacNoob

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Thanks for cool bits

MMMMmmm dude its a geforce4 64mb DDR agp card its clock speeds are 250/333 by default its the ASUS vb8170 magic


hardware monkey
okay, youre' right... it has 64-bit ddr... which is equivalent to standard 128-bit sdr

so either way you're getting 2.7gb/sec of bandwidth... and the next one up, mx440, has twice that, at 5.3gb/sec. the ti 4200 has 8gb/sec.

not trying to put your card down or anything... just making the numbers clear.

did you use coolbits and try overclocking?

Shamus MacNoob

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yes right now at

+50 to both , so its 300/383 seems fine at this level gonna push it some more and try a few games see what the breakpoint is...

I am having all kinds of trouble with the new det's 40.72 got them installed but refresh rate wont fix , and tried everything I could think off....but would not matter they were not stable for me ...... I saw on another post you wanted a fix for opengl games ..... your gonna laugh but get the radeon tweaker from and install it go to the more tweaks section and set your open gl refresh rate from there ...... lol it works even if you dont have the ATI card installed ......

Shamus MacNoob

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let me know ?

Let me know if it worked for you too ......... I bet a few peeps would like to fix their opengl refresh rates... not going to turn this into a ATI vs Nvidia flamer but I have had way more troubles setting drivers and finding good tweakers for this nvidia card than I had with the ATI radeon its just that way I guess but ATI drivers install and uninstall with no problems at all ...... but I will give nvidia credit the raw speed is good on this card, but looking at my desktop it lacks the beauty that the ATI has.. the depth and contrast of the ATI is better ....... so I guess its all about what you want from a card after now owning BOTH and playing with them I will say either company offers a GOOD product both with the + and - 's that go along with it

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