geforce 4 mx 440


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Im posting this for a friend.

If anyone can help me with a situation with a geforce 4 mx 440 card situation when tryin to install WDM video capture i keep gettin (error code10) device cannot start i dont know what the f**k is up with that I NEED HELP help me :(
He's on XP. Don't know anything else.


are you sure its to do with the graphics card and not the wdm video capture?

is (s)he using a separate video capture card?


(I only have 1 graphics card) <<<<<<<< the friend

I have a problem with a geforce 64 mb mx 440 with tv out, It would always crash when installin that nvidia cin thing, i have installed v30.82 drivers v41 just wont install i think its summit to do with that
WDM nvidia Video capture (universal) everytime i try to install the wdm drivers i get "|Error Code (10) device cannot start and it shows up buggered in device manager.
ive seen people with the same problem on the net but no one has replyed to there problem. please someone i spent 4 hours installin and uninstallin drivers and it still dont work :(


ok seems im dumb wdm capture is if i want to capture a outside video source init even though this driver is corrupt, the tv tuner one is fine would it work properly even though wdm capture is buggered???


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does your card have video-in? does your card allow you to hook up video devices (video game consoles, vcr's, etc) to your video card and record?

make sure you're not getting that confused with tv-out, which your card most certainly has. tv-out let's you hook your comp up to a tv to use as a monitor.


Yeah it has tv out but not tv in, ive now got that workin, your supposed to be able to have your monitor and tv out goin at the same time but it dont let me, if i have them both connected then i reboot it goes onto the tv and my monitor is blank, and at boot up i see the america megatrends and energy bit in color aswell as 2ms of the windows boot logo then everything turns black and white and i have no clue how to change the format,
i remember on my vaio laptop i could change between pal n ntsc and so but i have no options to do that anywhere
everything is just blank in the nvidia bit tv tool will not reconize no hardware,, all this and all i want to do is record summit :(

Any ideas anyone?


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you can't record on your comp. you don't have tv-in. unless you mean record some stuff from your comp onto a vcr..?

anyway, do you have the latest drivers from nvidia?

btw, don't bother with that video capture driver. you don't have video capture (tv-in).


yeah i only got tv out and latest driversno tv in so wdm driver isnt needed, but i have no way of gettin color ive tryed tv tool dont work, but yet at boot up everything is in color on tv but come windows log on and desktop its black and white the options in nvidia thing are just blank ive tryed the cloning but when monitor and tv are connected on ly tv work but only works in b&w after boot up :( any idea?


it seems geforce 4 mx cards are not compatable with tvtool anyway any other programs outhere like it??

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