Geforce 3 ti200 problem...



I recently bought the Point Of View Geforce 3 ti200 card and I got some problems. There are some kind of graphic glitches in Counter Strike and Ghost Recon. Flashing white triangles similiar to the ones you see in the cinema. I´ve never overclocked it nor have I made any special tweaks.

I got:
AMD Duron 750Mhz
Soltek 75KAV
512 MB RAM
Intellimouse Explorer

I use the 23.11 drivers and also use Windows XP.

Pleeeease say that someone has a solution......

Best regards
Marcus Nordlund
It seems to occur only when using the OpenGL mode in CS and not when using the D3D. But since D3D looks poorer in CS I would like to solve the problem instead of changing to D3D.

Best regards
Marcus Nordlund
My daughter had the same problem with a pc I built for her, it had an Asus 6800 Deluxe video card ( geforce256) downloading and installing the latest drivers fixed it. Also, try lowering the resolution and disabling some of the anti-aliasing features and see if ti goes away. Are you running the game @ 16 or 32 bit
color? In general the drivers for Open GL don't seem to be as good as the D3D.

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