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GeForce 2 MX 400 Curiosity Question

Ok, Heres the thing! I have a Geforce 2MX 400 (64MB).. and i have recently put another computer in my room so that i can have 2 monitors up. My Geforce 2MX 400 has a TV-Out and i was wondering if i can put another monitor onto the TV-Out on my Geforce card so i dont have to keep turning on the other computer (i guess im lazy).. all i really need is more screen space. So can i put a monitor on a TV-Out port? What things to i need to get it running? I have all the latest drivers etc. Please help me. Its more of a curiosity question than anything else. I know you can fit another graphics card in the tower and have that running on as a secondary but i cant get inside my comp for another year (Warenty thing) :(

Thank you for your time

No you can't plug TV-out into a regular computer monitor, sorry! About that warranty. First off I think it sucks. Secondly, is there a "Warranty is void yada yada..." sticker on the case? If not, they really can't tell if you opened it... *nudge**nudge*


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Through TV-out another monitor , no way !
Card that support 2 monitors
- Ti Series ( GF3 Ti200 - Ti500 & GF4 MX 460 ( MSI also 440 ) & Ti series

Nvidia offcouse , if you want to find out ATi cards that support tell me


what Cosmin said.. sounds like what you need is a dual monitor card.. Matrox G450 and G550 and ATI Radeon 8500 provide dual monitor support.. TV-out will only provide the same video signal to a TV, soyou're just duplicating the monitor instead of providing more screen space..


Which Cord

Which Wire do you Alex_is_Axel use for just the tv out cause I have the same card but I dont know which wire (Cord) to use ?


geforce4 cards provide dual monitor support:
clone mode and vertical/horizontal spanning

clone mode will just duplicate your desktop
spanning will increase your desktop

i have my lcd connected using the dvi and my tv using the svideo out...running in clone mode


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eh a fair number of ati solutions offer dualies..

mine has dual monitor support...

just have to take time to look around...


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