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Geforce 2 & DirectX 9

i have a geforce2 mx440 and im using directx 8.1 now and everything is fine. But enter the matrix requires directx 9. Can it **** up my system since my geforce isnt a dx9 card? or do i have to just install it so i can play the game?
No. Install it, you won't notice any difference. Your GeForce 2 card isn't even directX 8, if I'm not mistaking. I saw Enter The Matrix in Wal-Mart and read the requirements. I was going to get it, but then it said "Windows Media Player 9 is required." WTF? I hate 9, 8 is the best. I'm wondering if it's possible to play Enter The Matrix with Windows Media Player 8. What's the difference?
hmmmm oke thanks. and its true my card isnt even dx8 compatible totally forgot about that, so it wouldnt make any difference. :) and i have wmp9 installed. i like that version especially because of the auto import of songs in your playlitsts, but that another topic *shiesh* im even hacking my own threads. Thanks for the help guys


Theres no problem with installing DX9 with a GF 2 like everyone else said. Vice City made me install DX9 and I have no problems so far.


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having a dx7 or a dx8 card will not affect your ability to play a dx9 game :)

dx9 is reverse compatible... for lack of better terminology to dx8/dx7... ie... the ps fallback is from ps 2.0 - 14./1.3/1.1 and so on/so forth... :)

therefore you will basically be able to play the game but you may not see some of the special effects such as water and fire and what not that require ps 2.0 compatability...

enter the matrix btw was a rush job therefore has a bunch of errors... don't fret... its probably not your hardware :D

also... most gf4 mx series cards are based on the gf2 core therefore are dx7 :) you probably have not seen any problems when using dx8 games... such as ut2k3... :) which just goes to show the dx version is not so important... it is all reverse compatible.. (knowing m$ btw lol.. who knows... they'll probably find a way to bugger up the system somehow.. :)

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