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Being lame and a geek I enjoy buying 'geek gear'. Anyhoo I was wondering if any of you out there knew of any good places for such things (hats, t-shirts, hoodies, ect.) other then ThinkGeek of course. :) Thanks, that'll be all ...

/me steps off stage tipping over the mic and falling down the steps


/me helps Xie back onto his feet... walks up onto the stage and straightens up the mic... minor adjustsments to the position of the mic (also notices that the mic smells like a bean burrito) ... Ahh I have been a of ThinkGeek for several years and have enjoyed many of their products. It was the site that introduced me to Bawls and I am now trying to deal with that addiction. 2 months sober so far... thank you. Anyway there are many sites out there but not many offer a quality product for a quality geek. One of my favorites is Jinx Hack Wear I have only bought one or two products from them but I was happy with the results... they have since expanded thier product line to include a more diverse selection. Thank you for your time.
/me walks off the stage tripping on the mic cord... knocking down the mic stand and then I stepped into some gum stuck on the steps ... yuck....


Woah.. I'm still here?
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/me steps over PseudoKiller, picks up the mike stand and replaces the microphone with a wireless one and removes the offending cable and walks off stake tripping over Pseudo still on the floor.


/me gets backs up, cleans self off... realizes where he is at... walks over and fixes the Bawls link.
Now that all things are better /me walks back off stage this time passing Jewelzz on the way. Gives her a look, and says "Pfft, you got gaul to call me old." Then /me proceeds to the door, and exits the room.

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