GCSE Results!

Its the big day today... 21st August :D - For all you UK-ers, and expecting yer GCSE results today... post up what yer got :)

Gonna go into pick mine up in 50mins ... w00t ...



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Well I got 3 A's, 4 B's 3 C's and 2 F's when I took them 6 years ago. OMG that doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago!


In the beginning......
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I never had to do them thankfully, only fully blown A levels. Have to agree with you though, the A levels are a huge step up from GCSE's!


In the beginning......
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The ones that I am sitting now for work are even worse. I scraped through Corporate and Business law with 52% on the third take!


Well let me get my sheet of paper. It was so nerv racking going in on thursday. I knew my results wouldn't be to good but I've definatly got a place at Hinckley college doing Performing Arts Music and Media (media studies area) and the course will be 3 years long.


Science = D
English (speaking & listening) = C
English (Literature) = D
French = G
IT = D
Maths = G
Media Studies = D
Geography = F

I'm sh|t at languages (lets face it, french sucks), my IT teacher got on my nerves, media studies i was predicted a b (wat the hell, I did 6 pages 1 design and 1 sketch all questions etc, wat went wrong :S), geography I haven't got a clue handed in all the course work and did well at both exams, and maths I'm going to retake because you can do evening classes at my new college and it will be my age group (people who also wana retake). I think it's best if I retake maths rather than geography because maths is more looked upon by employers (so they say to me). Well thats what I got guys!

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